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Guide to CollegeVine Student Personas

CollegeVine personas classify students into one of six distinct archetypes based on their college motivations. We use this data on our platform to provide better guidance for our students and enable our college partners to personalize their outreach and presentation to students.   Methodology Students responded to our College Preferences Survey, allowing us to understand […]

What Are Students Looking for in a College? 2021 Preference Survey

What are students looking for in a college? Do they tend to view college primarily in practical terms, as academic and career preparation? Or do they prioritize the experiential aspects and personal growth? We surveyed thousands of students to better understand how they’re approaching their college search. In this post, we’ll share our findings and […]

How Far Are Students Willing to Travel for College?

Many students dream of going to college far away from home, but how far are they willing to go? Does the distance vary based on a student’s home state, their interest level in the schools, or the selectivity of the college? Here’s what we found, and how the learnings might impact your student recruitment strategies. […]